Children’s book launch – The Big Race

cover-imageI have just published my first whimsical children’s book, called The Big Race on kindle. It’s been a busy four months from inception to pressing the ‘publish’ button. Thank you for everyone who encouraged me to create my own drawings to go along with the text, most especially my partner, Raven Bond.

Billabong Flats is a place where everyone gets along, where the animal friends practice tolerance and have fun helping each other through life’s adventures. In this first story, Koala comes up with the idea of having a Big Race along the flats near the billabong, and up to the big hill. They gather and decorate themselves with colored bits of plants, or their own plumage. Each according to their nature. Each according to their means.

The kindle version comes first, then iPad and print in the next few days. It’s going to be a busy thanksgiving.