Billabong Flats – Australian animal stories by Ria Loader

I published the first of 4 books in the Billabong Flats tales at Book View Cafe in November. Here’s a sneek peek at the covers for the set of books. The first book includes stories about a Big Race, one where Fearless Flyer shares a shining rock with Magpie, and a story for Kookaburra.

Next time, for Book 2, we’ll follow the Dingo pups and how they find their special names.

The images begin as pen and ink, are transformed by watercolor, and then finished as a digital print. Fine art prints of your favorite characters can be found at my sister’s store

I wrote these stories for my beloved husband, and for the beamish boy who lived in his eyes. Read these stories to kids, and to each other, for the whimsy of it. Enjoy.